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Welcome to www.blackerinkwells.com

If you’ve found your way here, then you already have a sense of what the situation is with the blacker inkwells movement. As we continue to move forward, the blacker inkwells movement continues to get bigger and stronger, picking up steam quite quickly. The concept of blacker inkwells, llc was developed from a small but significant idea. That seed has grown from an idea, to a text-based novel, into a novel and interactive digital CD-ROM. As time moves on, even that endeavor has expanded to encompass writing, music, graphic and visual arts: the many elements of multimedia…and all this has transpired in a very short time period.

As we continue to build and grow, we invite you to join in and stay in tune with the movements of the blacker inkwells foundation. So since you’re here, might as well walk with us to see what this blacker inkwells thing is all about…c’mon, let’s go…

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