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…back to the grind again…

Okay good people, my fault I haven’t been on the blog in a second. I got caught up with a French class for the doctoral program for the month of June…and of course, soon as that was ending, the summer class I had to teach started. So I been runnin’ like a headless chicken!!! However, big things have hit the atmosphere:

1-Just came back from the Harlem Book Fair…two words: CrA-ZzZzY!!! Check out the profile pic on the myspace page ( to check the shining moment. The official hip-hop head, Fab 5 Freddy was in the building and came through to buy a copy of tor’cha!!! How serious is that? Definitely a landmark in the tor’cha catalog that we have documented well via photograph!!!

2-We’re making things happen with the Library!!! Check out the next blog with the information for the next event: Pomonok Library in Flushing, Queens – Saturday, August 9th, 2008 at 1:30pm. More info on that literally in thirty seconds…

3-On a side note, how about that Nas album??? If you haven’t gone out and bought the Nas album (named “Untitled” based on the conflict with the title he wanted to use), go and get that!!! Let’s take some time out and really give my fellow QB native an ear – he’s definitely given you some serious knowledge…exactly what the game’s been missing!!!

Also, make sure you also check for the new “Hustle Simmons” album, featuring Dave Ghetto and Tha S Ence. They put together such a quality situation, that all you can do is support, listen and remember when hip hop was that serious!!! And remember, if we don’t support good music, we can’t be mad when it’s not there for us anymore – shouts to the Hustle Simmons LP: Dave did his thing and my man Tha S Ence is a monster on the beats!!! And it’s easy – check out the project at my man Tha S Ence’s website: And you can also go straight to the iTunes Store and get it…does it get any easier than that!!!

4-Be on the look out for the blog roll friends to expand. There’s a few people I been connecting with over my travels with tor’cha that y’all need to be in tune with as well. Give me another thirty seconds and I’ll start plugging you in so we can all share the wealth!!!

Alright, I gotta get to running, but I’ll be right back at you in a second with more people, more events, and more fiyah for tor’cha!!!

Peace and Love

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