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…and now you have it…

Okay, so I told you I’d be back in a minute. And I know we all thought it wouldn’t happen. But here we go…

It’s been delayed, held up and pushed back more times than your favorite Mobb Deep album. But now…it’s here. This is the official announcement:

The second edition of tor’cha is available NOW…that’s right – you can get it right now!!!

After selling out of the 1st edition, you know I had to make sure I did it just a little bit bigger. So this time, the novel comes with a FREE interactive CD-ROM, that comes with:

-the original tor’cha soundtrack
-the tor’cha novel score
-“ain’t I iLL” – the eM street album,
-the tor’cha mixtape: “v1.5 – the college exclusive”
-“anticipation” – the e-graphic novel adaptation
-the “tor’cha flipbook” – a photo mixography

So to celebrate the release of the 2nd edition of the novel, the good people at Little Ricky’s Rib Shack have invited us to come thru for the “tor’cha 2nd edition launch” to coincide with Rich Medina’s Birthday, with special guest DJ Mr.Len! Shouts to both Rich and Len for their infinite support on the CD-ROM, and also to Rich for including me in a launch on his birthday. To celebrate the launch of the 2nd edition of tor’cha, we will be launching the re-designed site AND releasing a free internet download mixtape: “tor’cha version 2.0: we back and you mad about it!?!” – mixed by DJ Phillee Blunt of Illvibe Collective and hosted by Reef the Lost Cauze and Todd Craig.

So what you really need to do is come thru…
The “tor’cha 2nd edition” release party will be in conjunction with Rich Medina’s birthday party…so you already KNOW it’s gonna be sickening…Rich has been resident DJ of “Little Ricky’s Rib Shack” for almost a decade, and he appears on a heatrock on the novel score. And with Mr.Len doin a guest spot on the ones and twos, it’s really gonna be a serious situation…seriously!!!

Guests who arrive between 10pm-11pm will receive free admission and a limited edition physical copy of the “tor’cha: version 2.0” mixtape. The 2nd edition will also be available for signing before the party gets too bananas!!!

I told you it was big…

tor’cha – 2nd Edition Launch Party
Wednesday, December 9th at “Little Ricky’s Ribshack”
Club APT
419 West 13th Street (bw 9th and Washington)
with DJ Rich Medina and Special Guest DJ Mr.Len
Party starts at 10pm (Free Admission from 10pm-11pm, after 11pm – $10)

And now that we’ve got the Launch party squared away, the only other thing that’s necessary is for you to be in the building…

Now riddle me this: do the good folks at blacker inkwells EVER let you down when it comes to situations like this???

Nah homie, nah…get your calendar’s right!
One Love

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…okay…here we go again!!!

Good people,
So I haven’t been here in a second, but hey – my TOP New Year’s resolution is to really get my blog game up so crazy, that y’all get mad I’m at it!!! Pardon me, it’s been a second, but understand how much is actually going down…lemme try to give you a little catch-up:

Harlem Book Fair 2009 brought a new energy to blacker inkwells, as after I read from tor’cha on the HBF Mainstage (which was  an extraordinary blessing…wow!?!), the foundation had the power meeting that would determine the course of the movement. And so with that, came some re-grouping, re-configuring, re-orchestrating, and a whole lotta other “re-” words. What’s most important is this:

-the website reconstruction is underway. Shouts to Steve and Hanna for the upcoming extravaganza!

-watch out for the tor’cha youtube commercials…Dollar Bill what it is.

-and of course, the 2nd edition release, free mixtape and launch party…y’all don’t even understand what that announcement’s gonna look like…and in merely 30 seconds…really – thirty seconds…

there’s a few more things I gotta write real quick, then y’all will see the seriousness of the situation…in a second…

peace and love

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