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broadcasting live from flu headquarters: “The New School” on Sirius/XM with Charles D. Ellison

Good people what up?
Yeah, so I’m back in the building…and it’s so good to be home. Only problem, I came back home with the nice cold-ish, flu-ish thing. However, the laptop can make it to the bed and so the blog game don’t stop at all. While the road trip was cool and it was a mad busy week, I’m definitely glad I could make it to all the spots and git it in with people.

So after the Saint George’s MLK Keynote, I spent a couple days up in Providence, RI – shouts to my man Leo up there…stay up homie. After a couple days visiting with my Rhode Isle fam, me and my man Rich (who flew up from DC to NJ to take the SG trip with me) skated back down to DC with me on Wednesday. That next morning, we skated down the HOV lane to get him to Howard, and then I took flight to get to the Sirius/XM Radio building to be in the flesh at “The New School” show with Charles D. Ellison. Me and Charles have been trying to make this “New School” segment happen since I met him at the Harlem Book Fair in 2008 – so I had to make sure that I made it down there, and not via telephone, but in person.

Charles D. Ellison, tor'cha and Todd Craig in Washington, DC for

It was a great interview segment: we talked heavily about tor’cha and the blacker inkwells movement…and shouts to super-producer Pamela Kirkland, who made sure that the tor’cha soundtrack music led us into and out of the 1st segment of the tor’cha interview. Next, I was one of three roundtable panelists, alongside Al Butler (better known in Philly as Al B on WURD 900am), and Tim Johnson, Vice-Chair of the North Carolina Republican GOP. It was definitely cool to be in the building with such heavyweights, chiming in on the relief efforts in Haiti, the Massachusetts Senate race and Obama in his first year. And of course, you know the good people at the blacker inkwells foundation don’t let you down – check the link for the audio of “The New School” right here!!!

Afterwards, me and Charles hit up one of his favorite coffee spots in the DC area and we began to build on some upcoming writing projects he’s got in mind…when these things come to fruition, just remember that I told you here FIRST…before it blew up outta proportion. As always, shouts to Charles D. Ellison – dude is definitely one of the most positive brothers around and is really engaged in making sure we all elevate the consciousness while keeping it very grounded and connected to the daily struggles we all face…just wait til you see what the brother got it store…

And of course, if you haven’t checked out his political thriller “Tantrum” – go to my blogroll and click on “Charles D. Ellison”, and get to supporting and reading. And just in case you don’t have the Sirius/XM Radio connect yet, check the blogroll for “The New School” – you can tune in directly from the blogspot and check the great work Charles is doing on the radio via satellite to a computer near you.

Aight, I’m back to the boiling water on the range – another cup of tea and more bed rest…in a second y’all

One love, rest and relaxation!

PS – Definitely stay tuned for the big news we’re about to present on the tor’cha fund raiser for Haiti, as well as the big event we planning over at The Limited Edition in Virginia…shouts to Canayda – we about to start pushing buttons real serious!!!

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here it is…BLAM!!! – the website re-launch and MLK Keynote Address

Good people,
First and foremost, Happy New Year and all that fly ish!!! I know that one of my New Year’s resolutions was to stay heavy on the blog…and it’s already into January. Yeah, I know…however, I have a super-good reason for it!!!

After a lot of hard work (and mad late-nights), the blacker inkwells website is FINALLY re-designed!!! Shouts to my man Steve from Panasonic, who held me down with this one real serious. We worked endlessly at this to make sure it was right as rain! If you’ve been here before, you’ll definitely see the dramatic difference with the whole look and feel of the site. And if you’re here for the first time, well…welcome to the new hotness!!! The most important part (phase one) has been completed with my man Steve, who really did his thing! All that’s left now is phase two – wait til you see what my homegirl Kupi just blessed me with…soon come yo, soon come…

And the website was finished just in time for me to shoot up to Rhode Island and give an MLK Day Keynote Address at the old high school – Saint George’s. This two-day situation involved a book talk on Sunday night, followed by the Keynote Address on Monday morning.
Todd Craig gives Keynote Address for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration at Saint George's School in Newport, RI.

Shouts to all the students of color at SG, as well as all the students who came thru and supported me for the book talk – to show a little alumni love, the St. George’s student community was the first to see the website before I posted this blog! And of course, check out the SG website, as the audio to the keynote address is posted, and footage from the book talk should be coming quite soon. To check it out, click on this spot right here, and it’ll bring you right over to the site. As well, shouts to Kim Bullock, Charles Thompson, Tim Richards, Merilyn Wilbur, Mafalda Nula and all the SG faculty who came thru after my 17-year hiatus. And of course, shouts to all the students up there who came thru and got their copies of tor’cha at the book signing…and to all my students of color up there: y’all stay strong thru the struggle – it is imperative that y’all complete what you’ve started, word!

Aight y’all, I’m out. Bouncing from Rhode Island…next stop: DC for the special guest spot with my man Charles Ellison on his Sirius/XM radio show “The New School”. I just saw the topics of discussion for the show, and it’s gonna be a serious one!!! I’ll be back on the blog before it airs, so y’all make sure you tune in!

Aight, I’m out like shout…more soon come…

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