blacker inkwells presents…”The Summer of Student” Sale

Good people!
Hopefully the summer has been going well and all of you have been able to remain as cool as humanly possible in some treacherous heat!!!

As August 2010 rolls in – and the Summer slowly but surely begins to roll out – blacker inkwells has had the great pleasure of having Super-Intern Scott Etkin join the movement in order to help us prepare for the next big blacker inkwells push (hold tight-there will DEFINITELY be news on this soon)! With this in mind, we here at blacker inkwells decided to do a special promo as Scott gets ready to depart to Hamilton College (y’all know we don’t mess with no slouches)!

So, as a thank you to Scott and all the work he’s done, we’ve decided to unleash the “Summer of the Student” promo for all the students out there who are finishing up their summers and getting ready to gear up for September. So, without any further a due…“The Summer of the Student” begins!

As a way to give back to the student population that has supported the book thus far, Blacker Inkwells is selling the second edition of Todd Craig’s debut novel, tor’cha, for the low price of $15.00 (which includes DOMESTIC shipping, CD-ROM and author signature). This is more than a 25% discount!!! So for everyone who wants to get another book on their summer-beach reading before its all over for Summer 2010, here’s your chance to get BOTH the novel AND the CD-ROM for a sale price you just CAN’T refuse!!!

$15.00 flat via PayPal is all you need to get one of the strongest literary packages of the summer…that’s right, we said it! And the beauty of it all: just because we’re honoring the student, that doesn’t mean you must be a student to get in on this deal. So head over to right now, click on the book, and get tor’cha via PayPal right now for $15.00 FLAT.

For more info, questions, comments or international sales and shipping, feel free to contact us at

Peace, Love and Light!
(And let blacker inkwells “Summer of the Student” begin!)

The good folks at blacker inkwells

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