the VERY LIMITED edition “Trifecta Series”

Good people,
As always, hopefully all is well. As you know, the good people at blacker inkwells have set up our first summer promo, “The Summer of the Student Sale”, where you can get your autographed copy of tor’cha (along with the free CD-ROM, of course) all for the low price of $15.00 – including shipping. However, we felt that we should heat it up a little bit more before the summer ending. With that in mind, here’s the next big Summer promo. Hold onto your seats for this one…

Blacker Inkwells is pleased to announce the very limited edition of tor’cha, “The Trifecta Series”. Starting tomorrow, you can purchase your copy of tor’cha autographed by author Todd Craig, and the Co-Executive Producers of the tor’cha CD-ROM Project: Mr. Len (Company Flow, Smacks Records) and Havoc of Mobb Deep.

Yeah, we said it…Todd Craig, Mr. Len and Havoc. This version of tor’cha is available for $20.00, and is an EXTREMELY LIMITED EDITION…and once they are gone, well, that’ll be all she wrote!!!

So blacker inkwells is ending Summer 2010 with a huge bang, giving you a choice with how you can do it:
You can get your “Summer of the Student” author-autographed copy of tor’cha (along with the CD-ROM) for $15.00 FLAT (including shipping and handling) OR you can get the limited edition “Trifecta Series” copy of tor’cha, autographed by author Todd Craig and Co-Executive Producers Mr. Len and Havoc of Mobb Deep for $20.00.

As August comes to a close, make sure you get one. “The Trifecta Series” is so limited, it probably won’t be available for too long (there aren’t even 100 of these copies), and the “Summer of Student Sale” copies will be available until the Summer ends…and last we checked, it’s getting darker earlier from the view of our office windows!!!

So pick ya poison, and choose wisely. But know this – once they’re gone, they’re gone! So click RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW for your “Trifecta Series” edition of tor’cha.


Or you can go to the book page for your copy of “The Summer of the Student Sale” copy of tor’cha. Either way, it’s a win-win situation all around!

Enjoy August and thanks for supporting tor’cha and the blacker inkwells movement!
For more info, questions, comments or international sales and shipping, feel free to contact us at

Peace, Love and Light!

The good folks at blacker inkwells

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