a hiatus from the work for the blog!

Good people,
What’s the good word?

So here’s the science: it’s been a little second since I’ve been able to get here and check in accordingly. There’s sooooo much info to run down, so lemme try to git you up to speed as quickly as possible.

After a near-death car accident (I’m still here though, so fear not), completing my doctoral comprehensive exams (literally the following two days after the accident…the grind CAN’T stop), and watching the birth of my daughter this past June, things have been a whirlwind of hard work and absolute joy. Of course, the new edition to our family has been great. Any of you parents out there know that childbirth will CHANGE your life completely, but is the BEST thing ever!

As well, while I’m raising my beautiful baby girl, it’s put a lot of things into perspective…especially my research as I complete this doctorate. While I can’t completely let the cat out the bag, I can tell you this: my work on the DJ is becoming CRAAAAAAAAZY!!! Shouts to all the DJs who I’ve been able to sit down and build with. When you see what I’ve been able to put together here, it’s really gonna be special. Hopefully it’ll leave a mark not only on academia, but also on hip-hop culture as well. I’m working real hard to make it real special…and if you know ANYTHING about me and my work ethic, you know how DEEP this thing is gonna get. I’ll definitely be up with yall to make sure you see more of what this work is. What I can say is this: it’s unfolding real nice right about now, word.

As well, other authors on the blacker inkwells imprint are doing their things respectively. As always, our work DON’T stop…we almost like a bad loop of Diddy saying “take dat-take dat-take dat…and we don’t stop…cuz we can’t stop” like 50 million times, word! So definitely be on the lookout as we close out 2011 and re-emerge real big in twenty-twelve…

In a second good peoples!
One Love

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