we got the new year crackin’, word!

What up good people?
Hopefully everyone is rockin’ out properly in the New Year! I’ma take a quote from my peoples, the Kim family, and the Christmas card they sent out right at the end of 2011 “Let’s hope the Mayans were wrong!” I like that thinking, but that’s a whole different conversation, word!

In the meantime, wanted to keep everyone up to speed. As y’all know, I’m knee-deep in this dissertation thing, tryin’ to get it knocked out as swiftly and coherently as possible. Cheffin’ up a really dope proposal as I type this thing (minus the hiatus I had to take when my daughter scratched my cornea…again, that’s another story).

And of course, we start off 2012 right as tor’cha rocks on with more forward motion and infiltrates more minds. Shout out to Roseanne Gatto and her whole English 1000C crew at St. John’s University! They’ll be the first class in 2012 to use tor’cha, so I’m real excited about that. As well, shout out to Lillian Palermo: the first person to cop tor’cha in 2012 (that’s dope…I see you)! Roseanne and the 1000C classes will be reading and then I’ll go in and talk with them and see what’s what when it comes to the reading and the CD-Rom and what the writing process looks like. So that’s really gonna be good times, more soon on that one. In the meantime, y’all 1000C folks – scroll through the block and find that “Summer of the Student Sale” link…I may just have something real special in store for you if you do, word. And don’t sleep on that “Trifecta Series” limited edition!

As always, more soon on what’s cookin’ in the blacker inkwells kitchen. I think this dissertation is really gonna blow some people’s minds, especially those who don’t know what I’m cookin’ just quite yet…chyeah!!!

In a second y’all…

T. O. Double

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