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Good people,
What’s the word? Hopefully all is peace with everyone. As usual, I’ve been busy grinding, to the point where I’m not on here like I want to be. This, however, will soon change, as I prepare for some pretty dope announcements. This has been a really strong year for me professionally, and it’s been really official planting some seeds and then seeing them come to life. But this is a moment I wasn’t even expecting. And those moments are ALWAYS the illest!?!
So I got a text message from one of my peoples saying “Todd what’s good? You got a mention in an article in The Root – be sure to check it out.” This text was followed with a link that was so long, it rolled into a second message so I couldn’t click on it. So I did the next best thing and hit up Google. I typed in “Todd Craig the Root” and waited for the outcome. Immediately I saw an article pop up on Sam Greenlee (R.I.5). When I read the article, I found myself really stuck on stupid – it wasn’t that I just got mentioned…I was situated amongst some SERIOUS company!!!
So I wanted to share it with y’all RIGHT HERE so you all could partake in this moment too. I told one of my peoples it was an honor, a blessing and a humbling experience to be playing ball in this particular game I was put in. I mean, whatever craft we choose in life, I think we all aspire to be as ill as our mentors and role models – those heavy-hitting powerhouses that were the examples and the impetus that drew us to the craft in the first place. But when you actually SEE it come to life…man, listen – does it get much better than that? Reading this article and then digesting the gravity of it just allows me to understand I’m on the right track with what I’m doing, word.
So take a read one time…best believe I’ll be reading it again!!! Enjoy the moment with me, and be on the look out for these next announcements, word!!!
Peace and love,
And just in case you missed it above, here it is:
“We’re Still Living With the Specter of Sam Greenlee’s Spook Who Sat by the Door”

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