This is our sneak peek section…the spot on the blacker inkwells website where we are dedicated to blessing you with some tasty treats, that new hotness…mainly – free stuff that makes you say “OOOOOOOOOOH!?!?!”. Check into this spot to get free music downloads, b-side stories, and a bunch of other goodies…

And here’s another one for the day…while I was setting up Haj’s joint, I found a situation that I just absolutely could NOT resist snatching for myself. Then, I put my intern Scott on, and he kinda made a good point: ain’t it the goal of “Special Treats” to put everybody on??? Hell to the Yi-Zeah it is!!! So here’s to more sharing…especially cuz it falls into the “Special Treats” motto: “if it’s free, it’s me!!!” Shouts to the good people over at rockthedub.com, for putting this banger up: The FREE J Dilla “Donut Shop” download…6 joint you may (or may not) have heard. But at the same time, it’s Dilla – are you gonna be mad??? Of course not!!!

So go snatch that up right over HERE!!!

Peace and Love!!!
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Good people,
You know we always gon’ keep the free-ness rockin’ when it comes to the “Special Treats” page!!! At first, when I saw this, I said to myself “I should write up a nice little post for this”…but then, I had a second thought…”why don’t I just let the big homie speak for himself???” So with no further delay, right from the horse’s mouth, my man Haj from dumhi HQ with some serious “special treats” bizness this week…and make sure you check out www.dumhi.com (the website), “The Jungle” (this project is hot crillz on a skillet) and stay in tune with what sun is doin’ to keep dope music alive and kickin’ in Philly and beyond!!!

One L – and enjoy the treats!!!
And now, here’s the words from Haj:

Thank you all very much for your support and interest in ‘The Jungle’. Since its release on June 15, The Jungle has received fantastic reviews from Bloggerhouse.net, Potholesinmyblog.com, and Okayplayer.com (amongst others). Both internet and college radio have also shown the project a lot of love with stations like Philly’s YRock and Princeton’s WPRB lending a great deal of support to The Jungle and the Philly Cousins and DUMHI Cannons singles. The singles have also been featured on several ‘mixtapes’ including HipHopdx.com’s Chill and Grill with DJ No Phrillz and both videos have received a great response online.

Most importantly, the feedback we have received from yall has been great. Everyone at Dumhi HQ is really excited that friend, fans, and peers seem to really be enjoying the album. So many of you have bought CDs and digital files or have donated to the site or are telling friends about Dumhi and playing them the music, etc etc. The support has come in all kinds of forms and it is greatly appreciated. Yall effin rock.

So now what?

How about free music?

Lions (Radio Edit) w/Reef the Lost Cauze

The new single from The Jungle is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD at Dumhi.com. This is the third song that has been released by Reef and I. ‘Squeeze’ (from Yoga at Home) and ‘Philly Cousins’ (The Jungle) were the other two. Sometimes I think we are pretty good. Oww. Lions is streaming NOW in the ‘Music Store’ section of Dumhi.com. ‘Dirty’ version is available on the full version of The Jungle.

More free music later this week?

The Jungle Instrumentals

The entire instrumental version of The Jungle will be available for FREE DONWLOAD on Dumhi.com starting Thursday August 5. I know right?! But yes… get your car karaoke on to all your favorite lines from The Jungle. Limited amounts of hardcopies will be included with Dumhi.com store orders over $25. I am also working on an intimate release party in Philly later this month. Intimate. Curious. More on that as it develops.

What else is going on at Dumhi.com?

- Stakes is Dumhi T Shirts, Interviews with Reef, Ethel Cee, Random and more, videos, candy and all kinds of good things over at Dumhi.com. No Candy tho.

- Articles, reviews, and show announcement news. That rhymed.

- @Khal (rockthedub.com) hates everything.

It’s fun.

And I think that’s it. That wasn’t too painful right?

Thanks again.


Haj of Dumhi

Good people,
The Special Treats don’t stop today…check out the “Illvibe Blends” Project brought to you by the good people at Illvibe Collective…

Illvibe Blends Vol. 1

The Illvibe Collective recently released a compilation of mashups, mixes, and re-edits called “Illvibe Blends.” This project features classic songs and verses from Jay-Z, Aaliyah, Biggie, Freeway, Q-Tip, Kanye, Kweli, Bahamadia, Main Source, Blackalicious, Method Man & Redman, Mobb Deep, and more. It’s a heavyweight collection of tunes that will keep dance floors moving and headphones booming.

Download “Illvibe Blends Vol. 1” for free!!!

Also watch and share the Illvibe Blends music videos.

Roc Boy Wishes
Shook Donuts
A Mighty Million



Good people,
Here we are again…so, as promised, the “Special Treats” section of the website is simply to give you special treats…some freebees, some hot projects to support and be in-tune with, and all that other good stuff.

Up to bat at “Special Treats” Stadium is my man Haj from dumhi. After working with Haj and Reef on the “tor’cha: version2.0” mixtape, I had to salute Haj as he ventures forth with the new project from his label. Check out the write-up: there’s some special free joints Haj is hitting the world with, and his music is definitely certified-official!!!

In a second y’all…

Haj Presents The Jungle

As many of you know, Haj released the new Dumhi album, ‘The Jungle’, on June 15th, 2010. The first single from ‘The Jungle’ is ‘Philly Cousins’ with Reef the Lost Cauze and it (along with the video) have just been added to www.dumhi.com. The MP3 version of the song and instrumental are available for free download in the dumhi.com music store.

More information regarding ‘The Jungle’:
-There are three videos for The Jungle on www.dumhi.com. ‘No Redemption’ w/ Elucid, ‘Philly Cousins’ w/ Reef the Lost Cauze, and now ‘DUMHI Cannons’ w/ Random & Ethel Cee. Go to the Video section of the site to view.

-All songs utilize Ethiopian jazz samples, which are driven by drums and horns. All of the songs are produced by Haj.

-The album also features four songs with Philly underground legend, Reef the Lost Cauze. In addition, there are great guest appearances from Random (aka Megaran), Ethel Cee, Che Grand, Elucid and many others. (Complete tracklisting below.)

-Voice samples provide a narrative throughout the project and explore a comparison between life in the jungle and the challenges that face inner city youth.

-A password protected stream of the entire project is available for press, reviews, etc. Please contact Haj directly for a link. Help spread the word by posting links and mentioning the album on your blogs, websites, Facebook and/or Twitter pages, etc. This kind of publicity can really help both ‘Philly Cousins’ and ‘The Jungle’ reach the listeners it is intended for.

Thank you very much for your support and friendship.


Track Listing
001 Only The Strong Survive
002 No Redemption w/ Elucid
003 Into the Jungle
004 Dumhi Cannons w/ Random & Ethel Cee
005 Philly Cousins w/Reef the Lost Cauze
006 Kill That w/Che Grand
007 Bang Land w/Jermiside & Flud
008 Lions w/Reef the Lost Cauze
009 The Knife w/ Burke the Jurke & Reef the Lost Cauze
010 May Get Murdered w/ Reef the Lost Cauze & Oxygeen
011 To Walk the Streets

All songs produced by Haj of Dumhi
Cuts & Scratches Dj Soulbuck (6), Dj Caliph NOW (6,8)

Okay, so the first special treat we gon’ let fly is the tor’cha v2.0 mixtape. So in case you haven’t gotten around to it yet, here it is…courtesy of the good people at blacker inkwells!!! Happy listening y’all…

Click to download Files

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