tor’cha: a novel by todd craig
(with free interactive CD-ROM)

ISBN 978-0-9744288-4-0
213 pages
Author: Todd Craig
Price: $15
Format: trade paper 6 x 8
Publication date: February 2, 2008

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Exclusive novel excerpts:
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Book and CD-ROM Synopsis

The ten-chapter novel is a coming of age story of three African-American brothers growing up in the inner-city. Each chapter is based on one of the Ten Commandments, while drawing its moral from Supreme Mathematics, an Islamic concept originated from the Nation of Gods and Earths.

In each chapter one of the three brothers is faced with the choice of breaking one of the Ten Commandments (before, during or after), and Craig illuminates the tension and often “torturous” throws of each situation. Craig seamlessly interweaves these seemingly disparate philosophies as his characters — Emil (eM), a stick-up kid turned musician; Damon, an incarcerated felon turned Muslim as Abdullah Zahir; and Christian, the one brother who has made it out of the street-life via education — navigate urban America.

The story unfolds in a cinematic sequence that engages readers, propelling them to reposition this literary jigsaw puzzle. Narrated by an insider, readers follow the lives of three iconic young black males tempted and tested again and again in their struggle to be moral men in a corrupt world.

With tor’cha, Geoffrey Canada, President and CEO of Harlem Children’s Zone, explains that,

“Todd Craig takes readers deep into the darkness in order to show us the light. Written in a street-smart style, this book should be required reading for anyone taken in by the glamorization of the gangsta culture.”


New to the novel is it’s foreword, in which English and Education scholar Dr. Carmen Kynard situates the importance of tor’cha in college English classrooms, in the backpacks of savvy emerging hip-hop scholars, among the curriculum of New Literacies and interdisciplinary collegiate studies, applauding this novel and it’s relevance across a wide and vast reading audience.

In it’s 2nd edition, tor’cha also comes complete with a free Interactive CD-ROM, which includes:

tor’cha: the soundtrack

tor’cha: the mixtape v1.5 – “the college exclusive”

tor’cha: the novel score

“ain’t I iLL???” – the eM street album

the tor’cha flipbook: a photo mixography

“anticipation”: the graphic e-novel

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